IRD Number Application

Please note: From 1 October 2014 non-residents cannot use the IR595 form anymore, as the application process has changed considerably. Instead Please refer to the procedure below

Everybody who wants to work in New Zealand needs an IRD Number from the Inland Revenue. An IRD number is an eight or nine digit number unique to you. An IRD number is important since all your tax and personal details are linked to it. The following procedure describes how backpackers and non-residents can apply for a New Zealand IRD number.

To apply for a New Zealand IRD number you need to open a New Zealand Bank account first. We are recommending to open an account with ANZ, Westpac or BNZ, as they all offer free accounts and accept backpackers as customers. For detailed information on how to open a New Zealand bank account please read the appropriate section. There are four steps to apply for an IRD number. We recommend starting these steps as early as possible to make sure you have your IRD number when you start working in New Zealand. In emergencies you can start to work without an IRD. However you will be taxed 43%.

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  • Step 3 - Supporting Documents

    Attache a copy of the following documents to your IRD number application form:

    • Copy of your passport’s photo page
    • Copy/Print out of your visa
    • your bank needs to sign and stamp the form in the appropriate section confirming that the bank account is active
    • Proof of Address, which you can get for free at our reception
  • Step 4 - Send application

    Place all documents including the IRD number application form IR742 into an envelope and send it to the following address:

    Inland Revenue
    PO BOX 39010
    Wellington Mail Center 5045
    New Zealand

    Do not send the application by email.

  • Receiving the number

    Within 10 working days you should receive your IRD number via text message or email. If you did not provide a mobile number or and email address with your application, then the number will be sent to you via post, which might take up to 3 weeks.