A spare image of the New Zealand flag in color looking like a pencil sketch

Guest Contribution: Where To Travel To In New Zealand As A Backpacker

New Zealand is the perfect country to go backpacking in. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget that means you’re hitchhiking and couch surfing, or you can afford a more flashpacker experience, New Zealand will not disappoint. Gorgeous scenic landscapes, beaches, mountains, the home of the Lord of the Rings movies, a thriving craft beer scene, innumerable wine trails, and that laid back and welcoming New Zealand vibe – this is definitely an idyllic spot.

New Article: When to go to New Zealand

Ever wondered when the best time of the year is for you to visit New Zealand? Ask 3 different people and you will get 4 different answers. Our latest addition to our NZ Guide “When to go to New Zealand” gives you an overview about New Zealand’s different seasons and what to do best in […]