Calling home

We understand that now you have gained so many new expressions, you would also like to share them with youe friends and your family home. Most people use Skype to contact thei relatives. But sometime a phone call ist just the better option, e. g. when you want to surprise somebody. Direct international cellphone and landline calls are quite expensive. Therefore, we recommend international calling cards.

Where can I get international calling cards?

International calling cards can be purchased at a lot of places including hostels and 24 hours operating convenience stores. The cards are loaded with amounts of $5 or $10.

How long can I talk with an international calling card?

The amount of minutes you can talk with an international calling card varies and is dependent on the destination country you call. $10 let you usually speak 30 minutes to a cellphone. Landline costs are usually only a fraction and give you between 200 – 300 minutes.

How do I use an internatioanl calling card?

Just call the number printed on the backside of your card, enter your PIN and the number you want to call. Having any problems with your cards? Just visit us at the reception and we will help you out.