Open a bank account in New Zealand

Opening a bank needs to be one of the first things, you do right after your arrival in New Zealand. Please keep in mind, that you a fully functional bank account is required to apply for an New Zealand IRD Number. Most of the daily purchases are made electronically via EFTPOS, as cash payments represent only a small amount of transactions. Also, your employer usually wants to pay you into an account.

At this stage we recommend to open a bank account with ANZ, Westpac or BNZ, as our guests have had positive experiences with these banks. To open the account you simply visit one one of the branches local branch. Although not compulsory, it is recommended to call the bank first to ask if any appointment is required. On the day of you branch visit, please bring with you:

  • A proof of address in New Zealand (can be obtained from reception)
  • Your passport and Visa
  • A second form of ID, such as your national identity card or driver’s license
  • some cash to deposit into your new account (e. g. $50)

Some banks will give you a blank card, which can be used immediately. If you decide to have your name printed on the card, then this card is either send to you via mail or it can be picked up at your local branch. Usually banks send paper statement to your registered address, which you need to pay for. Make sure to cancel these statement to have a truly fee free account.