Here we come!

This is it. We have finished our technical upgrade and brand re-design. Our website, and social media connections like facebook, google+, twitter and inkedin have been revamped and now link to each other to provide the best customer experience. Public access is open as of now.

For you thats means browsing an enriched media profile, more pictures, more structured and detailed information about your stay in New Zealand, as well as fast bookings and contact options via our website

To us it means having whole new ways of communicating with our guests via their (and not our) preferred channel to answer your questions while you are away from home. Our blog will not only be used to spread news regarding Choice Backpackers but also to reach out and tell others of how we improve things continuously here at Choice and in the hospitality industry. We will also report about the trips of our team to new destinations and rate it for you, i. e. telling you, if it is worth going there or not.

At Choice Backpackers, we are always open to new ideas and constructive criticism. And we hope to hear from you.

Have Fun.