Award for New Zealand’s Best Tourism Website

We are proud to announce that Choice Backpackers, received the award for New Zealand’s best tourism website. Please find the corresponding excerpt below.

Choice Backpackers is located in the CBD and is the second biggest backpackers in Auckland and boasts a range of incredible amenities. The website is top-class, easy to navigate, stacked with information, and also features a stunning responsive layout making it a breeze to visit on smart devices.

The “Top Tourism Site Award” by the New Zealand Tourism Guide is awarded to leading New Zealand travel sites that enhance New Zealand as a travel destination. Each site must comply with criteria such as the following:

  • It must enhance New Zealand as a travel destination
  • It must have useful and informative content
  • It must be laid out in a professional and aesthetic manner
  • It must be designed effectively for the World Wide Web

The award also takes into account aspects such as; interactivity, originality, outstanding graphic quality, and marketing reach. So not only did we receive an award for the graphical upgrade of our website, but also for the content provided to our guest, which helps them to get the most out of their stay. With being awarded unexpectedly, we take this to improve even more over the upcoming days. So stay tuned for what is to come.